Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's better, the intended subject or the serendipity? You decide.


What self-respecting CDPBer could resist the red and black stripes so close to the mostly red and black pizza sign? Not I.

Who would get a great big grin on his/her face once this photo had been downloaded to the computer, making the entire thing visible? Not I.

Y'all see what I'm talking about, right? What do you think is best? I need you input because I can't decide for myself.

Oh, before I forget, here's the full photo from yesterday. It's a Mini seen through the barred window of a below-street-level parking garage. Glad y'all stopped to look.


Ackworth Born said...

I'm not sure what your serendipity is - but then I see what you got and don't know what you thought you were getting.

Often though we get a shot that is good but not the one we intended.

Jim said...

I got it half right, does that mean I get half of the million dollars? There was a million dollar prize right?

Meead said...

Hi Lynette. Thanks so much for your notes.
I will move to Portland in September, if everything works out.
Regarding the intended subject or serendipity, I didn't fully understand what you mean.
I updated my blog.

smilnsigh said...

Not reading anyone else yet... Let's see....

All the red, black and white, including the guy's hair!

And he has a sort of a jester outfit look about him. Like the sign, has a jester's hat look to it.

And that other guy is perfectly split in two! Which you weren't planning on.

Did I notice any of what you are talking about??? :-)


brian said...

umm.. i thought maybe the 2nd guy walking across the street, the one with the big pole... =)

Neva said...

Hi Lynette. we have been so busy...I hate it when I can' t visit but we had a college graduation and it has been very hectic. I love the character in this photo. Isn't it amazing what young people think is cool? my age is showing!