Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gallerie Rene, 207 SW Pine Street

This bright row of awnings caught my eye as we walked from the Bijou Cafe back to the Buick Saturday, after a scrumptious brunch. I found this online about the building: The Haseltine Building (1893) on the corner of Second and Pine was called in “A Century of Portland Architecture” by Thomas Vaughan and George A. McMath a “ example of Richardson Romanesque brick and stone construction...”
You can see the stone in the row of arches. Here's one of the arches that houses Gallerie Rene, an interesting art gallery that does not allow photos inside, which I certainly understand.
I did take these two photos of the front windows. If you look closely, you can see bits of what's inside. I hope to go back for one of their First Thursday shows.



Jim said...

The awnings are nice. I do like the big stone. Makes the building seem like it will never go anywhere. Who would want to move them.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice set of photos, Lynette. I like to peep into store front windows. I used to help decorate them when I was 16 years old. Seems like forever ago now but that was my first job after setting bowling pins on summer.

Denton said...

I like your choice of perspective with the awnings descending in the distance. Also, the stonework is nice ... Personally I respect but don't understand why photo of art is restricted. Flash can hurt some masterpieces in a museum (that I understand) but I don't see a photo threaten a copyright in any way. And I think a photo might help the artist sell a painting ... Now I will climb down from my soapbox (denton says sheepishly).

Andrea said...

These type of canopy awnings are popular around our area. Looks like some interesting stores under these canopys.

How is mama doing? I have not visited much lately. I am very behind in my blogs and my emails right now but I do think of all my blogger friends.

God Bless.