Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day Get-Together

First, let me say that while I didn't take any food photos because I was busy looking out for Mama and Duncan, there was plenty of it--ribs, hamburgers, Zenner's Big Dogs (Louisiana Red Hot Sausage, Old Fashioned Double Smoked Sausage and Beef Coney Dogs--at least I think those are the ones I bought for them), home-made tortilla chips and hushpuppies, a really delicious pasta salad, fresh salsa, and all of the fixings. Everyone enjoyed being together, laughing, talking, eating. The kids had a great Memorial Day get-together for all of us family and lots and lots of their friends.

Here are a few photos I did get to take--wish I'd stopped to take more, but part of the time I also ate some delicious food and played in the street with the young people--see below.
Mississippi friends' Leslie and Chris' darling Rottweiler, Brixx.
My darlin' sons, Lamont and Leland, with their fresh flame in the background. In no time at all, it was ready for some of that luscious food I listed earlier.
Mama and Duncan, on the back porch.
Duncan and Brixx, nose to nose.
Neighbor Emily's baby boy, Duncan and Mama.
Leland with friends Anakin and Philip, playing street Frisbee, but it's not Frisbee, it's another Frisbee-like thing that isn't solid, hard, firm, or heavy.
Brody and Lamont going for the Frisbee-like-thing.
Mississippi friend Mabry lets it fly.
Three Doors Down fellow cook, kitchen, back-of-the-house friend Flash with a bit of a rib in his left hand and his phone in his right.
Rhododendrons in Ladd's Circle, seen on the way back to the apartment.


Chuck Pefley said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Definitely a dogs life there :)

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

What a fun family time you had! I had to work :( but I enjoyed living vicariously through your photos!

quinttarantino said...

These show a happy family!
Liked that one showing mouvement on frisbee players

Ms. Hays said...

Good times caught on film!!! hehehe!
But my fav would have to be the last one w/ the flowers! Very pretty!!!

brian said...

great photos!it does look like a fun-filled weekend. rotts get such a bad rap, but they sure look sweet enough.. i love the action shots!

smilnsigh said...

Your photos captured the wonderful day that it must have been!

And I'll bet your friend's little Rottweiler, Brixx, will grow up to be a well behaved dog. I'm sure they will bring their doggie up, with proper care and doggie training.

When ever I read something horrid about Rottweilers, I think, I bet that dog was not well brought up. And it's a sad thing. A whole breed gets a 'bad name,' because some {stupid} people do not train theirs correctly, etc.


WendyB said...

Looks like a great time. Duncan got a lot of love.