Thursday, May 22, 2008

Studebaker Avanti


Here's another beauty I photographed at Bright's. I don't know the year, but I recognized it at once as a Studebaker Avanti. Somebody back home in Jackson, Mississippi, had one when I was growing up. Seems like it was some local TV celebrity, maybe Bob Neblett, the Reddy Kilowatt weatherman on Channel 12. I don't know exactly why I'm associating him with a Studebaker Avanti, but it's sort of like a multiple choice or true/false test question--you really ought to go with your first choice.

By the way, most of the time these days I can't visit as many blogs as I'd like during the week, but I certainly hope to be able to make up for it on the weekends. Don't give up on me, OK? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

This was a forward thinking, neat car when I was younger in the fifties. Before I went off to the Army in 1953, this car and Studebaker had some designs that people made fun of but they were well designed practical cars that were way ahead of their time.

The other car that was a miser on gasoline was the Henry J.

By the way, Ineke said..., in response to my asking, that a gallon of gasoline would cost $8.65 where she lives in Rotterdam.

WendyB said...

Cool car!

smilnsigh said...

i love the fact that any/all older cars, are still around and loved. :-)

Not to worry about when or how much you can get around to other blogs. Not to worry, please. {To me} It makes blogging like another job, and who needs another job. :-)


brian said...

That is a really neat car. I agree with Mari-Nanci, no worries - who needs a second job? Sometimes I only have time to browse the photos.... and they're great!