Friday, May 9, 2008

What are these red shapes? Do you have anything of them in your city?

I'm curious.

By the way, I wish I had had my camera out of the rolling black bag when my bus rode by Funny Bone after work on Thursday. There flew yesterday's two strings of balloons, inextricably intertwined.


WendyB said...

They look like midget rocket ships.

Chuck Pefley said...

They simply protect the edges of the doorway from cars coming in and out this garage door. Great color! I can see why you chose to make the photo.

Chris said...

We have them, too, but they're pretty beat-up usually.

Just wanted you to know I stopped by. I have an update on my blog about my surgery. Thanks for understanding!


Andrea said...

Never seen anything like that. Just assumed it was a decorative addition to the garage entrance.

Neva said...

I am sure there is red someplace other than the fire station but not sure where! Nice response to what is at the end of that long white tail in one of my can go here and see my Simon...he is one of the 3 dogs I own...Clancy is the one in my picture you see and Tessie is just an old 12 year old chocolate lab.

AVCR8TEUR said...

I've seen these before, but not in bright red. I'm not sure what they're for, maybe, to protect the corner of the building.

Bergson said...

coloured, minimal and graphic I like

Meead said...

Hi Lynette. I am new a visitor of your blog. It's really nice. I think I will plan to veiw all the images from now till the first one. I like them. Oh I am sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I am MEEAD, 22 years. I am going to travel to Portland (from Iran) to study in Portland State Univ. I like photography. I have a young photoblog
It doesn't have so many pictures yet. I am trying to make a photoblog like yours. I like Portland so much.
What's your camera? Mine is not very good, it's an old amateur camera, Mercury Deluxe with 2.1 Mega Pixs, no optical zoom, it only has a 4x digital zoom. I intend to buy a better camera if my parents give me enough money to do so. What's your suggestion if I want to buy a good camera? not very expensive but good.
Thanks Lynette. We can be good friends, yes?

Lynette said...

Portland State University seems like a great place to further your education, Meead. Transportation is a big topic in Portland, for everyone, not just students.

The photos on your blog look pretty good to me. My knowledge of cameras is limited. I use a Nikon D50 digital SLR camera, but I also believe that Nikon CoolPix is a great camera if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Those are the only two sorts of cameras I've used since summer, 2004. I got the Nikon D50 Christmas 2006 because I wanted to be able to take lots of photos one right after the other, quickly. I can tell you that you will get good advice and service at the Ritz Camera store at SW 4th and Taylor, downtown Portland. Mr. Romano is there, and he and his employees have helped me to make my purchases there.

When do you come to Portland to start your graduate studies?

smilnsigh said...

Never saw them.

Did someone keep banging up the sides of the building, way down there?


George Townboy said...

That was an invention I came up with in 1974, it is designed to protect your vehicle from the damage it would sustain if it were to slam into the brick and mortar of the building. There were entirely too many law suits by owners of damaged vehicles and the business owners needed a way to stem the tide of financial loss. I made a small fortune on the concept.

Of course, I'm joking about my involvement in the invention, but the rest is true! LOL