Monday, May 26, 2008

My Memorial Day Post

Those of you who visit my blog will understand that I am not being glib or crass using these photos for my Memorial Day post because I have a history of using what I call "color-coordinated street level accessories." You also realize that I put a great deal of stock in serendipity. Thus, this post.

I looked out the bathroom window Sunday morning and saw these vehicles and immediately thought of the red, white and blue and Memorial Day. I quickly grabbed my camera and opened the window wide so that I could get the shot without hanging out of the fourth floor window.


Satisfied with the photo, I started to close the window. Movement caught my eye. I watched this young man get into the white car.

As he drove off, I thought about how many men and women have left their loved ones over the years, in service to the red, white and blue. I stood there quietly, praying for the safety of those serving now.

Today I hope those loved ones find some sort of peace in the knowledge that, all across the country, folks are remembering their loved ones with gratitude for their effort and sacrifice.


WendyB said...

I'm always impressed by your eye for "the moment." This one is brilliant.

Warren said...

Lynette, very impressive sequence of photos! Very meaningful on mutiple levels.

quinttarantino said...

A very nice sequence here.
You have very interesting photos and blogs.
Hope we can keep in "blogtouch"!

Abraham Lincoln said...

This really is a special set of pictures. That you saw them from your bathroom window is a startling revelation. LOL I mean who would have thought if they looked out of their bathroom window they would ever see something this special.

I do like the photographs a lot and that guy who drove off in his white car. Well, honestly, I thought by chance the red would follow and line up by the blue one and you would have red, white and blue.

It don't get much better than this.

Thanks for the visits.

I spent most of this Decoration Day watching the parents of a fledgling grackle working back and forth to feed him or her. Wow. That is a full time job.

I did take a lot of photos and have some startling ones to post about Wednesday. Today is Monday, and tomorrow is Tuesday and I got peacocks tomorrow. So Wednesday for the hungry bird.

Andrea said...

You really had your eyes and mind open to catch these red, white and blue vehicles lined up like this. Great capture. Cute too.

Jim said...

Great picture. I would have never noticed the cars.

Ms. Hays said...


smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful, beautiful entry. Thank you so much.

But someday you must share your secret for simply finding such shots. It is amazing and we've all probably said so. And so much fun for all of us.