Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mama Update #6, and a really tall building

Mama finally made it to a semi-private room this evening, over 24 hours after we thought she would be moved. The hospital was so busy that there wasn't a room available until then. She's better with the dizziness but cannot get up off the bed without help, very tired, and regaining her appetite bit by bit. Her biggest problem all night and until around 8:30 p.m. our time was her blood pressure--it's been way too high. Several different meds finally brought it down; I hope that lasts. My biggest hope is that tomorrow the doctors tell us what the next step is.

Speaking of big, how about the US Bancorp Tower, popularly known as the Big Pink! I took this picture of its north side from several blocks north.


Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it, including how it got its nickname:

"The US Bancorp Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Portland, Oregon. It stands at 536 feet (163 m) with 43 floors (42 floors excluding the missing 13th floor). The building has nearly 1.1 million square feet (69,000 m²) of office space inside, making it the largest office building in Oregon in terms of volume, and the second tallest building in Oregon, with only the Wells Fargo Center exceeding its height.

Construction of the building was undertaken by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) with Pietro Belluschi as a consultant. The tower opened in 1983, serving first as the national headquarters of U.S. Bancorp, then the regional headquarters of that organization after a 1997 merger moved the corporate offices to Minneapolis, Minnesota. U.S. Bancorp has 480,000 square feet leased until 2015.

Perhaps the most unusual features of the building are its shape and color. Pietro Belluschi was most concerned about the play of light and shadows on its surface; meanwhile, the SOM team had to work with a uniquely shaped lot due to the street grid. The meshing of these two concerns led to what has been called Portland's most dynamic building. Because of the street grid, the tower features no right angles in its parallelogram footprint. This, in turn, makes it look either extremely slender or wide depending upon your viewing angle. Belluschi carefully selected the glass and granite for the exterior facing. The windows can absorb or reflect light depending upon how much light is upon them, while the surrounding granite may appear darker or lighter than the window pieces depending upon the time of day. The building can be described as being pink, orange, purple, or even gray all in the same day. The unusual pinkish color earned the building the nickname "Big Pink", after an album by The Band.

Since a $4 million renovation in 2002, the 30th floor of the tower has been occupied by the Portland City Grill, Portland's top-grossing restaurant. It is often cited as the restaurant with the best view in Portland.

The building was purchased by JPMorgan Asset Management in August 2006 for a price of $286 million. It was previously owned by Unico who purchased it in 2000 for a price of $165 million. Currently, 92% of the building is occupied."

The first time we visited Portland, both of my sons worked at the Portland City Grill. We never did get a chance to eat there, but we did get a tour of the whole place one morning before it opened. While the whole place fascinated Mama and me, it was the views that overwhelmed us.

Thank you so much for your visits, comments and good wishes and prayers for us.


Max-e said...

Hi Lynette
Good to see that your mom is showing signs of improving. Please pass on my best wishes to he and hopes for a speedy recovery.
That is an amazing building btw

lynn said...

Sorry to hear of your Mama, i do hope she improves soon.

That's a beautiful photo there.

dot said...

Very impressive picture of the Big Pink! (love that name)
Glad Mama got her own room. That always makes the stay a little nicer.

WendyB said...

Glad Mama is getting a little more privacy! Lack of privacy can raise your blood pressure!

Andrea said...

I know Mama is able to rest better in her own room. Still praying for her.

The picture of the building is beautiful.

Kerri said...

Still praying for you and Mama! Glad to know her dizziness is a bit better....hoping her appetite picks up!! Love the building shot!!

GMG said...

Sorry to be a bit absent during last week; didn't know what happened, but I'm glad to read that recovery seems to be on the way. Wish that next week will be much better!