Friday, January 18, 2008

Mama's Settled In and Good-bye Crud!

That sweet little lady, my Mama, is a champ. She's ready to do whatever she possibly can for however long it takes to get back to her life--that's the message I got from her today as we moved her into her room at Mt. Tabor. Physical therapy begins tomorrow. I predict it will be one of the hardest things she's ever done, but I'm doggone proud of her attitude. Lamont, Lindsay and Leland came by to visit Grandma just as her dinner arrived. We talked and laughed a bit as she ate some of it despite being so tired from her busy day that included a shower as well as the ride in a wheelchair ambulance. After Mama got settled back in bed, hoping she'd stay awake for "Wheel of Fortune," we hugged and kissed on her, saying good-bye until tomorrow. It wasn't easy on any of us, but each of us believes in what she's about to undertake and in our ability to support her and to help make good things happen for her as she rehabilitates.

In between conversations with Mama, we'd talked about food and how hungry each of us was. We decided to meet at the Savoy Tavern & Bistro at SE Clinton and 25th.

On the drink menu, I saw "Viva La Cruda," a margarita. Besides the fact that I really like a good margarita, the word crud in cruda sparked my imagination. Merriam-Webster defines crud as something disagreeable. My ricochet brain took me from crud to what's been going on with Mama is cruddy, as in "It's absolutely cruddy that she's not able to come home and sit in her recliner and enjoy Duncan, her crossword puzzles, and being together after I get home from work or on the weekends." So, I thought, I'll have a Viva La Cruda and drink that crud right outta mine and Mama's lives!

And that's just what I did, after Lindsay and I took photos, naturally.

I took this one without the flash.
I took this one with the flash.
Lindsay, my guest photographer,took this one without the flash and from an entirely different angle.

Which one is your favorite? And, no, I didn't drink three Viva La Crudas--just two. I also ate a fine tasting hamburger and French fries. Really good food and drink, being with those three young adults, the hope of our future--I'm saying "Hasta la vista crud!"


WendyB said...

I just tried to drink the screen! Come visit me at my new (temporary, hopefully) blog:

AVCR8TEUR said...

Mama is such a trooper! She'll be better in no time. I like the middle photo better because I can see the salt and true colors the fruits. It was probably good to do a mini celebration to relieve some stress now that Mama is a little better.

Kerri said...

Tonight I will drink a toast to Mama and Goodbye Crud!

I like the last shot the that reflection!

Andrea said...

Glad mama is doing better.

The end of the straw looks like a double barrel shot gun.

dot said...

What "cruddy" looking drinks and I'm laughing at Andrea's comment because it does look like a double barrel shot gun. lol
I hope Mamma does well in the nursing home.

Paulie said...

While I don't drink Margueritas, I like the third photo best. I prefer daiquiri, especially strawberry without whipped cream Hope to hear food news about your Mom real soon.

Dick said...

Take care of your mother (you only have one) and yourself. Nice photos, it looks real.

smilnsigh said...

Oh Oh, I think I like Lindsey's best. :-) Have you inspired a budding photo blogger?

Yes, I'm sure every visitor to your blog, is so proud of Mama. She is one in a million. I wish her all the best in the world, with the big job she has on her plate. But attitude should help her tremendously. And she has the best of attitudes.

I'm sure you are passing on our good wishes to her. And our shared pride in her, too. I'm especially in awe of her as I'm coming up on my 71st Birthday. I know how much harder it is, to be upbeat about troubles, in later life. And so, maybe I'm double-proud of her. :-)

{{{{{{Mama}}}}}} <--cyber hugs

And hugs to you too. You who are doing so much and carrying so much worry on your shoulders. TLC for you too, remember!


Thiên said...

Hi again Lynette! You deserve the You Make My Day Award. I linked to you from my Seguin (TX) blog and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your posts, photos, visits and comments. Best wishes on things.

GMG said...

Glad to read the good news! Hope the recovery will be fast!
Now, sorry but my favourite is Lindsay's... ;)
But your afternoon delights are stunning! Great shots!
Enjoy your weekend!