Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hen and Chicks


Christmas Day snow sprinkles this pink pot filled with a hen and her chicks, resting on its side on Lindsay's Aunt Laura's deck in Lake Oswego. I decided to post this photo not only because of the obvious connection to Mama and Howard and me, to me and Lamont and Leland, but also because I saw a sprinkling of snow outside this morning.

Here's the latest:

Mama's first Monday at Mt. Tabor went pretty well. She had PT and occupational therapy, too. One is for her legs and one is for her arms, she explained to me over the phone. So far she hasn't had much good to say about the food which causes me some concern. I'm going to check into my bringing her supper several times a week--if I can have permission to do that. Tomorrow afternoon she has an appointment at the neurologist's office. The wheelchair van will transport her, and Lamont will either go with her or meet her there. I really need to go to work.

I had to take today off because Duncan has had diarrhea since Saturday, not too long after we left the vet's office. He's spending the night there tonight, under observation for a tiny dosage of Immodium. I've spent the last two nights sleeping on the couch with him on my chest so that I could feel him move. I certainly didn't want diarrhea anywhere in the apartment, so I made him a diaper of sorts from a store brand adult diaper. I used duct tape to hold it together, and as long as he rested on me, he didn't move around and shove it off. OK, I know you're are trying really hard right now not to fall out laughing at such a sight--I would be too if I'd had enough sleep the last two nights--ha, ha! He really is the sweetest little guy! I'm going to sleep in my bed tonight--hooray!

Thanks again for every prayer, visit and comment, from all of us.


WendyB said...

Oh, Henry had whatever Duncan has the other day.

Lilli & Nevada said...

those are neat i like them, specially since i don't have a green thumb

AVCR8TEUR said...

Poor Duncan, I hope he feels better soon. And, poor you, I hope you get enough sleep soon. Looks like Mama is making some good progress.

dot said...

Yes I did laugh at the thought of poor little Duncan wearing a diaper! I sure hope things ease up for you soon.

Kerri said...

Oh, I do hope Duncan is better soon! Glad to hear that Mama is doing better....I do hope they allow you to take her supper!

Take care of yourself!

Sharon said...

Aww poor Duncan! Hope he is feeling better and you get some sleep. :)

Pat said...

Good to read of the news of Mama. Thanks!

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Dick said...

Good picture, I wish you all the best.