Monday, January 21, 2008

Rolling fields, lone tree, plus the latest on Mama


The fields alongside Helvetia Road, between Highway 26 and the Helvetia Tavern, are beautiful to me. I took this photo on Jan. 12 after I had been out there for lunch and a break from the hospital. Leland cooked it and served me--sweet.

Mama's anti-nausea medicine seems to be helping a great deal, finally. She said it has been wonderful not to feel so bad most of today. She managed to eat a bite or two of toast for breakfast and a little bit of canned peaches and fresh watermelon around lunch time. A physical therapist evaluated her and encouraged her to walk using a walker. My brother rolled her wheel chair right behind her and I rolled the IV pole in front of her as she made her way slowly for maybe a total of 15 feet, with a rest stop in the middle, sitting in the wheel chair.

One other wrinkle--the neurologist visited, and after Mama mentioned again that her left ear still hurt some, she decided to give Mama some steroids today and tomorrow, to see if the inner ear nerve is inflamed. Wouldn't if be great if she could be helped that simply.

Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.


dot said...

Yes, that surely would be great! I'm glad she was able to eat a little today.
Beautiful picture!

American Fork said...

I gave you a "You Make My Day Award" on my blog. Go to my site to check it out!

Jim said...

Great picture, very peaceful looking. Lets hope your Mama has more good days like today. Steroids huh, does that mean shes going to start looking like Mark McGwire?

Paulie said...

Beautiful photo in simplicity of it! Good news about your Mom.

Olivier said...

c'est encourageant que les mĂ©dicaments lui font de l'effet. Et si elle arrive un peu a manger sans ĂȘtre malade, elle va reprendre des forces. de tout coeur avec toi

It is encouraging that the medication makes him the effect. And if it happens a little to eat without getting sick, it will pick up speed. Wholeheartedly with you

Andrea said...

Beautiful scenery you are showing.