Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mama Update #5, and an easily understood sign, or is it?

Mama's cadre of doctors want her to recuperate over the weekend while they evaluate her problem(s) and the possible solution(s). She's a bit less dizzy, pretty weak, slowly getting back her appetite, and ready to do whatever they tell her to do so that she can eventually get back the life that she had. We're all proud of her and her attitude. She's getting really good care at Providence Hospital on NE Glisan.


"Stop Here Until Door Closes." Straightforward wording for a rather large sign. For some reason, though, I'm getting another message from it. I'm not sure but I'll just bet there's a garage at the other end of that ramp, a garage in a high-priced condo building. I do know for sure that the building is in the Portland's Pearl District which is a high-priced part of the city, from all aspects. Anyway, I think the sign's there to make whoever has the "key" to the door stop at that point to prevent any other vehicles' piggy-backing into the private garage. For some reason the sign also says to me "If you don't have the key, you can't get in." This raises two questions in my mind. One, do you have to "get in" to feel successful? And second, why in the world am I having such a deep sort of thought? It must be the exhaustion. Or is it that I'm 60 now and may be more prone to deep thoughts?


smilnsigh said...

Yes, I too am very proud of Mama's attitude. Of course, it's the best one to have. But I'm sure if you asked the doctors, they would tell you that they don't see it, often enough.

And I'm pretty sure your deep ponderings are your exhausted way of putting worry out of your mind. So often, our body knows the right way. But do we heed it, often enough?

So I hope you go with the flow, which you mind/body sends you. Ponder things like this parking area signs and etc. It may be relaxing to you, at this time of great stress.

And I so hope you can really relax some. None of us can "go on Fast," all the time, you know.


WendyB said...

Good news for Mama..try to avoid deep thoughts at all cost!

dot said...

Interesting about the doors.
I'm glad Mama is feeling better. Maybe Lynette needs some rest!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynette. Neither my mom nor i can get through on your phone or leave messages, but we want to let you know we love you gals and are thinking about you. We hope to talk to you soon. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. By the way, love the thoughts on the door.
Danielle and Patricia