Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ABC Wednesday: Y is for Yellow (and Mama Update #2)

Mama Update#2: We still haven't gotten to talk with the surgeon, but it appears that we will be able to tomorrow afternoon. Mama's less dizzy and nauseous, thank goodness, but still cannot get up out of the bed alone. We're keeping in touch with my brother and my aunt by cell phone--thank goodness for modern technology. When my husband was ill all those years ago, 1983, keeping enough quarters on hand was a challenge some days. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes for Mama. Oh, by the way, I still cannot get into my Gmail here at the hospital, and I'm relatively exhausted when I get back to the apartment so that all I seem to be able to do is take care of Duncan and fall into bed. Eventually, I'll be looking at your posts, I promise.

Here's my ABC Wednesday post which thankfully I am able to do at the hospital--otherwise I'd go bonkers sitting there for hours.

Yellow t-shirts top the members of the One More Time Around Again Marching Band at the Concert in the Park, June 8, 2007, at PGE Park, a few blocks from our apartment. You can read a bit of history about the band here as well as their plans for that evening's concert. At one point, two band members danced out front to "Take the A Train." You can easily see them in the photo--they're wearing black and are standing a couple of rows back, directly across from the director's right hand. At the point that I snapped this particular photo, the OMTAAMB had been joined on the field by all of the high school marching bands. All told, there were seven bands on the field for the finale. They're just about to burst into a fan-tab-ulous rendition of "Everything's Coming Up Roses."

Earlier when "Take the A Train" started, the couple walked along slowly at opposite ends of the massed band members, pretending they were at the train station. When they saw each other, they ran together joyously.


Then the couple danced right through the Merriam-Webster definition of jitterbug: a jazz variation of the two-step in which couples swing, balance, and twirl in standardized patterns and often with vigorous acrobatics.










Everyone on the field and in the stands thoroughly enjoyed this musical and dance performance! Hope you did, too.

The concert opened with the Navy Leapfrog Parachuters. I posted about them on my other blog, in case you like to see talented parachuters in action, sort of in action since they're still photos.

For those who missed it, here's Mama Update #1: Mama was admitted to the hospital about midnight Sunday night, after several hours in the ER, a CT scan, and some nausea/vertigo meds. Today she's had an MRI and an ultrasound of one carotid artery--it just so happened that she had the test scheduled for 2 p.m. today, so they went ahead and did it as an in-patient procedure. The neurologists' think what's going on is something called a subclavian steal syndrome which, as I understand it, means that the left side blood vessel's narrower than it should be, for some reason, and then it takes blood from where it's supposed to go from the right side's blood vessel. All of this adds up to not enough blood to her brain which is causing the vertigo and nausea. So, she's looking at surgery--we don't know when yet because we haven't seen the surgeon yet. She's feeling better with the help of anti-nausea drugs right now and is in decent spirits. She's absolutely amazing.


WendyB said...

Look at those amazing skirt twirl photos. Nice!

dot said...

Nice post. They look so neat in their yellow uniforms. I couldn't get all the pictures to download but that is nothing new for me lately. Don't know what is wrong.
Tell Mamma I'm praying for her.

AVCR8TEUR said...

That's a lot of yellow. That's nerve racking to do a dance in front of all those people.

Mama will be better in no time. Glad the doctors found out what's ailing her. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.

RuneE said...

I'' buy a Yellow T-shirt immediately!

All the best for your mother!

American Fork said...

What fantastic photos! I feel like I am there (but I know it would be even more exciting to actually BE THERE :) )

I hope and pray for all the best for Mamma.

Ackworth Born said...

too much yellow for me

best wishes to your mum - cell phones aren't allowed in UK hospitals and as for accessing the internet in the hospital ... it's a different world!

Deb said...

What a lovely bright yellow in all those photos, and I can almost hear the music as they twirl around. Hope your mama recovers soon.

bonnie said...

Good luck to your Mama. We have a lot of yellows today, but you have the most yellows. That lady is WILD.

mrsnesbitt said...

Please give our love to your mum.

Wow! That lady THOSE shoes! Tut tut! She could break her neck! Now who would have said those words! LOL!

smilnsigh said...

I'm backkkkkkkkk, after my cable connection box has a *nervous breakdown.* :-)

So glad you will be speaking to the surgeon tomorrow. Best wishes to your mama. And best wishes to you also. This is so hard.

Don't you worry a bit about following blogs, meantime. It's just amazing that you can post your photos! So glad you can though, because it does help the time to pass.

Take care of yourself too! Don't totally wear yourself out. You won't be able to help her,if you do that.

Great photos! And yes, I remember the Jitter-bug. Although never as fancy moves as those two are doing. :-)


Olivier said...

le plus important, tout mes voeux pour ta mère.
superbe ton choix pour l'abécédaire, tes photos sont superbes, un vrai film.

Most importantly, all my best wishes for your mother.
Your superb choice for the primer, your photographs are superb, a real movie.

kml said...

That's a lot of yellow! Great post!

Hoping for all the best for your Mom!

RUTH said...

My best wishes to your Mum.
I love all those yellow shirts...great post :o)

Kerri said...

Great "Y" post!

All my best to you and your Momma!

Bergson said...

a very beautiful report

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I am not sure if my other comment went through but best wishes for your mom's recovery. I love the first picture with the formation.

Gwen said...

Best wishes for your mother, Lynette, after the tests today, wishing for good results.

Neva said...

I love your yellow shirts....I read your before and after post as I am late on catching everyone from ABC Wed....busy busy...but it sounds like your Mom is in good hands with a good doctor. I will keep you both in my prayers and hope for the best. I have been spending some time at the hospital as well as one of our old friends has fallen and broken his hip. With his Alzheimer's it is hard for him to remember what has happened to him.