Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunshine napping at the Saturday Market

napping_at_Saturday_Mkt_BeFunky_sharpened_cropped_vibrance April 21 Portland's weather meant glorious sunshine to be enjoyed by everyone who made their way outside. As I walked along the Saturday Market at Tom McCall Waterfront Park I witnessed the usual--walkers, bike riders, skateboarders--and the unusual.

Yep, I've not seen anyone taking a nap in the sun on the concrete, although I have seen lots of folks napping on the grass in the park. However, she seems well into it, no doubt relishing the warmth of the sun collected by her hard bed. I think she was smart to be up against the temporary fencing--she's less likely to have someone walk right into her. Also smart of her to be on the back side of the market, closer to the Willamette River,  because within the market itself, hundreds of folks walked through the arts and crafts and food booths. Hundreds out in the sunshine.

She's wearing stockings with wide-spaced, straight-in-a-line tiny black polka dots, well straight as in following each other straight along her curved thighs and calves.

Can you see that curved grid on the sidewalk? Looks to me like it's there to help drain the sidewalk when rains come down.

One more thing. I believe her right shoe has thrown a heel. Maybe she's had a chance to get it repaired since then. Or found herself a new pair of comfy walkers. Hope so, because we're in for another sunny weekend here in Portland!


Paul in Powell River said...

OMG - some people just have no inhibitions! Nice find though - I'd have snapped her also!

Anonymous said...

Now that takes talent... I don't think I could fall asleep on cement if you paid me to! Great street scene you caught!

Randy said...

That's a great shot.