Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neons are in! Street level matching colors, No. 8


Here's the map again. Today's photo, taken on May 19, 2012, shows SW 10th which is the same street that the bright yellow Portland Streetcar rode on in the post from Monday, 05/28/2012. The vehicles are heading northbound on the one-way street.

I realize that I really don't need to point out the three, count 'em, three people wearing the matching neon chartreuse green! They're as obvious as the noses on our faces! Abundant serendipity at play here.

Now for the street level matching colors, also abundant. The girl walking away has on shoes which are two shades of gray, as well as a gray skirt, all of which match the pavement, parts of the sidewalk, that pole in the light gray base on the right, plus the wall and overhang on that building down the street. Part of her shoulder bag is a muted chartreuse, the section beneath the flap, the outline of the flower on the flap, and the shoulder strap itself.

The girl walking towards me has on a black coat, black pants and carries a black bag, all of which match the line of poles either beside her or marching out of sight beyond her. Also, check out that man walking towards me, wearing sunglasses. He's got on a black jacket and black pants!

And the girl sitting on the light gray base of the gray pole had getter hope that when she gets up from there that her white pants are not light gray! In the meantime, her pants match the extremely clean-looking white T-shirt on the man walking towards me as well as the random white-painted traffic stripes.

To tell you the truth, this photo provided the inspiration for this series. So, you can blame it on these three strangers!


Melissa said...

I can see why this photo got you thinking. The chartreuse really stands out, and it helps that it's the only notable color in the scene too. That's quite the hair color!

Randy said...

What are the chances of catch a shot like this. Great find.