Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neons are in! Street level matching colors, No. 3


Last Saturday on the way home from a fine lecture at the Architectural Heritage Center and a rewarding trip to Powell's Books, I got off the bus for the block and a half walk to my apartment building.

On the corner, I noticed these two stacks of orange traffic cones as I crossed to wait for the traffic signal to change at the corner of NE Sandy Blvd. and NE 20th Avenue. "Hmmm," I wondered. "Is tomorrow's Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon coming by here?"

Then I saw the man approaching on the bicycle, wearing, of all things, an orange knit hat covering,  I imagine, a head full of dread locks. I couldn't believe it--orange and orange, right at the same instant that I stood on the corner, camera on its strap hanging around my neck.

Yea for serendipity!

(And more about the cones later on in this series.)


WendyB said...

Great timing!

Jack said...

Got to wear that camera around your neck. Never know what is happening next.

Randy said...

Another great capture!

Melissa said...

It almost looks like he's wearing a traffic cone! Lucky to have all that orange! Very nice.