Thursday, May 3, 2012

Folks among the flowers, No. 5

girls_smelly_manure_for_the_tulips Finally, my favorite photo of the little girls. When I saw the one in front, holding her nose, I pushed the button on my camera and said a little prayer that I got the photo. I did!

And I could smell every bit of manure that she could smell, from the moment I stepped out of the car. As I walked through the field of tulips, taking in the beautiful colors and shapes, seeing so many people out enjoying the flowers and the sunshine, for the most part I soon didn't notice the smell. Too much.


Melissa said...

Very funny! I would never have imagined a bad smell here. Glad you caught this one!

Anonymous said...

Too cute... and so colorful! Kids make such great subjects they are so unabashed!

Julie(t) said...

You got it! Good thing that you explained.....otherwise some might think something wrong with the tulips...or the girl, or the girl next to her. Just kidding. It's a great capture.