Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neons are in! Once again, not exactly neon, but for sure we've got street level matching colors, No. 9


Here's the map of the intersection. Today's photo is of the corner at the Sizzle Pie. You can tell from the map that it's one of those intriguing triangle-shaped corners and/or buildings. I took this photo on May 19, 2012.


Standing on SW 10th Avenue at West Burnside, pedestrians wait for the traffic signal so that they can continue to walk north.

One woman wears a salmon orange top. Coming around the corner is a younger woman wearing the same color top, just muted a bit. Then you've got the dark reddish orange letters with golden yellow light bulbs which make up the letters Sizzle Pie. And then in the corner window behind the man in the green beret, a red or reddish orange vehicle is reflected in the pizzeria's windows, along with its red neon Pizza sign.

Plus that lady with the grayish-lavender knee-length shorts is wearing a gray top and gray cardigan which match the painted bricks at Sizzle Pie. Her shorts, the man's plaid shirt, and the woman coming around the corner wearing the purple cardigan all match, too, in that they're in the purple family.

All of the men are wearing hats. And at least six of the pedestrians are wearing denim jeans. Cool!


Jim Klenke said...

I love all of these neon colors. It looks like they are lined up for a show or something, not just a light.

Randy said...

Love that sign. We have a store here that is selling those types of letters. I want one for my office. I just love this series that your doing.

Melissa said...

I heard that this is the "in" color this year. It's called Tangarine Tango. Another blog I follow called Getting a Foothold writes about this color occasionally :)