Saturday, May 5, 2012

Perched girl, smoking.

DSC_0704_perched_girl_smoking_Pioneer_Courthouse Disclaimer: I am not promoting smoking by putting this image on the blog. I didn't realize she was smoking until after I uploaded the photo to my computer and could see what was going on. I hope this image does not offend anyone.

I took the photo mainly because I couldn't believe how she was balanced on the stone wall in front of the wrought iron fence. So I clicked.

Then when I looked closer I saw what was coming out of her mouth. So I straightened, cropped, and altered the image at PicMonkey, with a couple of regular and special effects.
  DSC_0704_girl_smoking_ipiccyI uploaded the image at Ipiccy, where I straightened, cropped, and altered it with several special effects.


Ken Mac said...


Julie(t) said...

Wish I could sit on my haunches! The COLOR of that smoke. Mesmerizing.

Randy said...

Nice shots and effects. Have you tried