Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twas the night after Christmas ...

Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the apartment
Not a creature was stirring, not even our little dog Duncan
The covers were pulled up to our chins with care,
In hopes that sweet dreams soon would be there;
Mama and Duncan were nestled all snug in their bed
While visions of past meals danced in Duncan’s head
And Mama, a book in hand, rested her head beside the lamp
Situated on the side table where she could turn it off with a snap,
When out on the street there arose such a racket
I jumped out of the bed, thinking “This just won’t hack it!”
From window to window, I looked in a flash,
I found the noise source and threw up the sash,
The corner streetlight illuminated the snow
Making it easy to see the car and two people below
I knew in an instant there’s a photo opportunity here
So I turned for my camera that is always so near
With a space heater behind me, I knew I’d have to be quick
To get photos of the car driving across the snow, still thick
More vehicles drove by, northward on NW 22nd they came
And the car’s driver tried to keep them moving, waving her hand;
Now pickup! Now sedan! Now, passengers, women and children!
On mini-vans! On SUVs! Mostly driven by manly men!
To the corner and onward! To their destination they hauled!
They dashed away! Dashed right on away, one and all!
As the car’s driver kicked at snow beneath the back wheels
The other person stood by, rocking back on her heels,
So imagine their surprise when no one they knew
Got out of a mini-van, a paper bag to them he threw
And then, in a twinkling, I heard him say, from up near the roof
“That’s kitty litter. It’ll work. There’s the proof!”
As he pointed at the mini-van, turning around,
And into the driver’s seat he landed after a bound.
On the sidewalk a man warmly dressed, from his head to his foot,
Walked up with a dog wearing a coat on a night dark as soot
A red light flashed on his collar at the top of his back
And he looked like a downed Rudolph leading the pack
The man’s desire to help led to discussions most leery
Until two other men agreed to help in a hurry!
The driver stationed one man on the side of the car, low
To keep the car from sliding sideways any more in the snow
Kitty litter spread front of both back wheels, and beneath,
Two men at the back of the car to push with all their worth,
Nearby the car’s other person patted the dog on its belly
I snapped photos, thinking “This is like a show on the telly!"
I’m chubby and plump, but jolly proud of myself
As I silently recorded the episode, in spite of myself;
By that I mean my fear of heights is not all in my head,
But living on the 4th and top floor no longer fills me with dread;
I spoke not a word as I went about my serendipitous work,
Didn’t want anyone to wonder who’s that with the camera, a jerk?
And laying her foot on the pedal, across the snow the car goes
With those three men pushing just right, out of the drift it arose;
She drove to the corner and stopped as the brakes whistled
And jumped out to shake hands, flying like the down of a thistle.
Both women got in the car, ere they drove out of sight,
I heard, “Thanks to everyone and to all a good-night!”

Before we get to the photos, I thank you for indulging me in my parody of the Christmas classic, "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Here are the photos I took from just before midnight until a little while after midnight, the kitchen window up all the way, and the space heater heating my backside.

The two people and the car across from the kitchen window, the one I'd been using to measure the snow in previous posts.
The tail lights of mini-van whose driver donated the partially used kitty litter.
Waiting for a passing car to get out of the way, you see the driver by the car's open door, the car's other person with the man's dog wearing the blinking red light on its collar, the man positioned beside the car to try to keep it from sliding into the parked green car, and the two men at the back of the car. You can see the kitty litter bag on the snow piled up beside the sidewalk, between the two men waiting at the back of the car.
Pushing, pushing. Almost there. That strip of packed, icy snow in the center of the street proved to be an obstacle when the car's people had tried it alone.
But with the help of the kitty litter and the three men, success!
The car stopped beneath the streetlight.
Here's the shot where the driver's shaking hands with the men. Does flying like the down of a thistle describe this blurry photo?
Both of the car's people are inside now. Notice the snow toupee's shape, sort like a snow mohawk.
Before the car drove out of sight.
Here's a shot of the kitty litter, the car that narrowly missed being slid into, and the car that took over the parking spot.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Kasia K. said...

Anyway - I wish you a happy new year, more better than 2008!

Joy said...

That is such a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy 2009!

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Boise Diva said...

Happy New Year Portland!

zentmrs said...

Happy New Year!! Nicely shot series here. Really tells a story!

Meead S. said...

Happy New Year Lynette.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz I hope 2009 turns out to be better for these guys. LOL

Happy New Year to you and your family from Patty and Abe.

Greg Dimitriadis said...

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

YIKES!! Glad I don't have to deal with snow! Great shots.

Cheers for a happy new year! May the world find 2009 a more peaceful, optimistic, blessed and safe year.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

AN interesting series of photos! Yikes!

I second all those wonderful wishes you left on my blog! Thank you.

Happy New year, and may all your wishes for yourself and the world come true!

Tanya said...

Holy Moly, that was a story! Enjoyed the series, glad nobody was hurt!
Happy New Year :)

brian said...

a wonderful story to accompany some great photos! manly men in suvs, huh? lol. happy new year lynette!

Jim said...

You make getting unstuck sound like fun. Great pictures to go with your parody.

Neva said...

I am impressed with your creative literature!!! very nice Lynette!
Thanks for all you visits and I truly wish you and yours a wonderful New Year.