Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Things are changing. It snowed all morning and rained all afternoon.

Here's a photo from yesterday that I wouldn't have seen if I hadn't had to walk all that way home! Walking west, as I approached and heard dripping water, I looked up and saw this unique sight.
Then I walked past it, avoiding the drips, and shot this from the other side. The white streak in the dark sky is a falling drop!

Now it's 32 degrees, so things might freeze back before too long. I'm still pretty doggone tired, but I had much, much better commuter luck today. It took not quite an hour to get to work and the same to get home, although I did have to walk the last six blocks up Burnside, after I stopped at Fred Meyer to get a few things--I shop often because I can't take much home at once, walking.

To tell the truth, I couldn't face the last, steepest block--I cut across the edge of the Walgreens lot, beside the Subway, so that I could walk on a more level surface now that some of the almost knee-deep snow had been packed down and/or melted into slippery slush. So, I don't have a Wednesday photo of the sidewalk, shot with Burnside at my back. Maybe I'll get out on Christmas Day and see what it looks like.

Here's photo emblematic of the attitude I made every effort to keep in the forefront, since it started snowing on Dec. 14--get a grip, Lynette! It's just snow! Exciting, tiring, beautiful at first, dirty at last, truly unreal amounts of snow!

Finally, here is the car parked across from the kitchen window, taken a couple of hours ago. Can you tell that the temperature got above freezing today, just looking at it?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


WendyB said...

It's like an icicle chandelier!

AVCR8TEUR said...

The icicle on the street lamp is amazing. What a photo and it pretty much sums up the freezing weather up in the Pacific Northwest.

Happy holidays to you and your family and hope you get a break to rest up.

Anonymous said...

This looks almost like the kind of weather we get most of the winter. I would not guess or even imagine Portland, Oregon having weather to match. Wow. I am impressed.

Get out your long johns. It looks like you are going to need them. Don't forget a pair for mama.

Curly said...

Brrr, bit chilly for you.

Although I have not been able to get around the City Daily Photo Blogs as much as I would have liked these past few months, especially since the last heart attack, I'd like to drop in at this time to wish you and your family the very best wishes for Christmas.

From Curly at South Shields Daily Photo.

Jilly said...

These photos are stunning. I saw the first one in the portal and thought it was a sort of Tiffany chandelier. Fabulous! Great shots, Lynette. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Denton said...

Lynette this is a very cool set of photos. I especially like the first photo. And you had to work hard to take these photo.

Be careful walking in the ice and snow.

Merry Christmas

Warren said...

WOW -- what a great street lamp picture! That's incredible.

Chris said...

Many, many blessings at this holiday season, Lynette.

i apologize for such limited commenting lately (and for this cut-and-paste today). Life has gotten in the way. Thanks for your friendship over the months.


valeria said...

Blimey, it must be quite quite cold over there!

The Mulligan Family said...

Fantastic photo's of the icicles. They are so pretty. We had some down here in Salem, but there weren't that many, and they weren't that long.

gogouci said...

Another wonderful series of photos. We had some real hazardous looking icicles hanging from our rain gutters.

Jana said...

I love those icicles!

fred King said...

Love those icicles! Thanks for sharing this!