Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photos from Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2008

First, let me say with the weather making travel at best a pain in the butt, at worst potentially dangerous, Mama and I knew we'd be spending Christmas Day at home. We told the guys that if we got to see them, fine and dandy, but to please not take any chances coming over here. So, that morning when I took Duncan out, right after I took this picture of the red truck still wearing its snow toupee (so aptly named by AVCr8teur’s Own Little Universe and come back tomorrow for more on the red truck and various snow toupees), Leland called to say Merry Christmas and that they'd be over later on.
I suggested that they come in a couple of hours and we'd have a great big breakfast-style brunch. And that's what we did! The three of them rode the bus and/or walked over. I cooked sauteed sweet onions and potatoes, a slice of ham, some sausage patties, canned biscuits and scrambled eggs. While I was cooking, Leland and Kailey ate salsa and Fritos. I knew I shouldn't pass up the chance to take some food photos, so here they are. I took the lid off the potatoes and onions so that you could see them.
These eggs ended up in the empty skillet. Oops--sautee pan.
This is the first time I tried cooking two cans of Grands in two pans at the same time. As you can plainly see, there's not enough room in the oven!
Last food-oriented shot. I couldn't stop to take any after everything got done--who wants cold breakfast food that's not Raisin Bran?
Look what happened while I was cooking! It went on for about 40 minutes, quickly making the cleared off sidewalks and pavement white again.
And there's the car across from the kitchen window, still thoroughly snow-coated. More on the car tomorrow--be sure to come back for the adventure! Will they? Won't they? You'll see if you come back!
If memory serves, this is the last time the snow looked pretty. More on that tomorrow, too.
When everyone was nice and full, we watched "Mamma Mia." The guys endured the chick-flick pretty well. Mama dozed off and on, and at the end said, "I don't know who wrote that music, but I liked most of it." She's a hoot! The kids suited up for home after that extra-special laugh. Here they are on the sidewalk across from the kitchen window and the car I've been shooting as a way to measure the snow.
All in all, our Christmas Day was low-key, memorable, just right. Kailey, Leland and Lamont made it home safely, which certainly made everyone very happy.


AVCR8TEUR said...

You make a mean breakfast. Feel free to invite me over anytime. Haha! I haven't watched Mama Mia yet, but it looks like a fun movie. I'm glad you like the "snow toupee" bit.

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Maverick does look cute next to his two toys. Happy New Year!

Zsolt72 said...

ohh you are lucky to have a lot of snow there:)

Boise Diva said...

Good idea to stuff everyone with good food while lamenting the outdoors scene. Happy New Year!

Jim said...

A great way to spend Christmas day, well cept of the Mamma Mia part, I think Dark Knight is on DVD, maybe that one next time.

Yes, sausage patties, boo sausage links. You have good taste. LOL.

WendyB said...

I love "snow toupee"!

George Townboy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I always leave your blog STARVING, even if I've just eaten. LOL

Neva said...

wow...what a great breakfast. glad everyone was able to get together! Sounds like your weather has been bad. Ours changes warmed up to 50 over the weekend and rained and then froze so we have no snow go from so much to so little so quickly....glad you had a Merry Christmas!