Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow See-Saw continues

I noticed it was blowing and snowing, making the parts of the ground where Sunday's snow had melted white again. So I grabbed my camera and headed to the roof garden. Only thing, when I got there, it had quit! Still and all, I like these photos.
Looking southwest, towards the South Waterfront. See the aerial tram mid-way support on the right? The arches are the Ross Island Bridge.
A bit to the right of the first photo.
You could see more of the Marquam Bridge at that time.
Let's follow the red-cab 18-wheeler as it heads north on I-5, beside Part the skyline that I've come to adore.
This shot looks right towards our neighborhood, in the hills between the high rises. Do you see the row of little house-looking buildings, on the left side of the open area between the high rises? There are four in the back row and three visible in the front row. Those stand directly up the hill from us, on the side of a steep, steep bank that goes straight up, from our 300 or so to probably 900 or so, quickly. Oh, also, notice the strip of blue sky?
And on to the north, where the Big Pink stands tall.

At lunch, I noticed a gray cloud, coming from the south, right up the Willamette River valley. Later on I heard the weatherman say that it had brought warm air which cause most of what had fallen earlier to quickly melt.
Here's a tight shot.
And a wide shot.
Just to the north of the approaching cloud, I couldn't believe the blue sky. Plus, I like the juxtaposition of the tops of some of the grasses and the arch of the Fremont Bridge, just left of center.
You can see bits of the gray clouds, making their way north.

After work I had to stop at Fred Meyer again, the third time in less than a week! You see, at work we're doing the Secret Santa thing, culminating tomorrow with a pot luck. I already had my cocktail wienies and BBQ sauce, but I needed one more thing, due to one of my Secret Santa gifts I found this morning--a Wilton Holiday Cookie Set, complete with four cookie cutters and six containers of all sorts of red, green and white sprinklely things. So I got off the bus and bought some sugar cookie dough. When I walked to the store from the bus stop, the sidewalk was completely clear, wet but no snow. When I walked back out about 10 minutes later, it was white! I couldn't believe it. I went right back in, sat down on the bench, and put my Yak Trax onto my shoes!

Here's the same last shot from Tuesday and Wednesday, the sidewalk headed down NW 22nd Avenue from Burnside. You can see the new snow that covers the icy slush that remained.

It's been snowing lightly all evening and getting colder. Who knows what tomorrow morning will bring? If need be, Mama and I'll eat BBQ cocktail wienies and Christmas cookies tomorrow!


Jim said...

I like those shots, but it sure looks cold.

babooshka said...

These really are very different shots form cool blues to that rolling misty fog.