Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look what I found on SW Yamhill!

Tuesday evening after work I stopped by the Multnomah County Central Library to return two books. I came out the front door on SW 10th and turned north, like I always do so that I can go to the closest bus stop. But, for some reason I decided to turn west once I'd crossed SW Yamhill instead of walking on down to SW Morrison where I usually turn west.

Boy, am I ever glad I made that deviation! Look what I found in the window of a lovely vintage house, right across the street from the library's arched windows--see their reflection in the photo? Santa's standing in the lower right corner. Is that a pom-pom he's holding in his black glove? For the Oregon State Beavers? And is this a home or a store? I couldn't tell, but I did immediately recognize what else I saw in the window.

It's the "Fra-gee-lee... major award" from "A Christmas Story." And the Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle (BB Gun), still in it's box.
Wait! What's the Lone Ranger doing down there at the window sill? Will he dare to look up the skirt of the leg lamp? Only the Shadow knows. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


Jim said...

I would probably spend a lot in there, then when I get home not know what to do with it.

WendyB said...

I was trying to look up the leg lamp's skirt myself.

Photo Cache said...

Oh man, I want the fragile lamp too :)

Jana said...

LOL Loved that movie as a kid.