Monday, December 22, 2008

A few more from Sunday, a few from the kitchen window this morning...I have to leave for work soon.

Yep, my building is set to open at noon, so I need to leave a couple of hours before that--I just might make it by noon if I do.

Anyway, I completely forgot to post these photos of the fire escape on the building across the street. I like the way they look. See the snow piled on each step? This was when I took Duncan out for his morning walk.
Here it is, shot from the kitchen window a little while later. All of the white on the brown fire escape is piled snow, coated with ice, no doubt.
And here it is about 4:15 p.m. when the snow started to come down again. The snowflakes reflected the flash.

Now here is the car parked across the street from the kitchen window, taken about a half hour ago.
Here's the same car about 24 hours earlier, just to show you the change. You like me? Wondering just how many dead batteries there are, all over Portland?
And here you see the hedge, the sidewalk, the scooters and the street, about 30 minutes ago. The weather guy just said that the snow depth at the airport, the official record-keeping spot, is 14 inches for this eight days! We're less than two inches from the record from 1968. And he thinks we're going to get another 3-5 today!

I've already got my two pairs on pants on, plus two pairs of socks. I have to get the rest of me dressed properly and take Duncan out. We'll go right to the middle of the street where the plow went by yesterday. Then I'll bring him in and start making my way to work. Crazy, huh? I'll take some more photos, hopefully, of other parts of downtown, etc. to share with you when I get home tonight, God willing and the electricity is still working! Bye.

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