Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow No-Show


I'm not playing a silly trick,
Showing that moisture on the bricks.

No way, no how, no where, no snow.
That's how my wishes went from dawn to night
Sort of like this escalator appears to go
On 2nd Avenue--to nowhere, out of sight.

Snow did fall at a higher height
But just not where I stood last night.

About no snow, it's true, I'm sad.
About clear roads, for sure, I'm glad.
'Cause I made it home to size my photo at Flickr
And then to post it for y'all, City Daily Photo Bloggers.

So, even with the snow a no-show
Tonight's post is still a go-go!


WendyB said...

No winter wonderland for you!

Ioanna said...

I have the same problem! I love snow but snow has gone!

Bergson said...

i like snow
1,5 month to wait ;yes !!! hollidays ...

Jim said...

HAHA funny poem. Maybe next time.

dot said...

I think this is a fantastic picture! It looks like the escalator is coming out of the trees.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be wonderful if we could just wish our snow would go somewhere else, like Portland. I like your photography and your poetry.

Andrea said...

That is a nice picture. The wet brick flooring/ground makes a unique picture.

Rambling Round said...

That's how I feel when snow is predicted, and we just get a cold, cold rain. I enjoyed your rhyme.