Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rainy Musical Corner


First, yes, I took this photo from the Buick, while stopped at the traffic signal on SW 14th Avenue at West Burnside. No vehicle waited behind me, and when I saw the red umbrella and the red signs on both buildings, I picked up the D50 from the passenger seat and snapped several photos. I was on the way home after having a bit of work done on the car--photos to come another day.

Now for info about the businesses you see on each corner.

Situated on the northeast corner, where you see EM in the window, is Everyday Music. Read all about it here. You can see how much of the block the store occupies by the way I've cropped the photo below. The store is deep, too, and filled with waist-high, well-labeled, wooden bins of either CDs or albums, new and used. I have to make myself stay out of there because I can't make myself stop at just one CD. (Now you know one of my musical secrets--I'm not of the IPOD generation, yet.)

Across the street you see the edge of the Crystal Ballroom and its marquee. You can read all about this extremely popular facility here. I've been to one concert there, summer 2006. You probably realized right away that with a name like "ballroom," there are no rows and rows of seats, which we associate with indoor-music-venues. Everyone stands on the springy dance floor--I wore my motion-sickness-acupressure-wrist-bands and made it just fine; however, I was some kind of tired the next day, being somewhat of an old lady these days. Next time I attend an event there, I'll make sure to go early enough to get a seat in the balcony.

See El Debarge, New Year's Eve, on the sign? Lakeside will be there, too. The joint will be jumpin' for sure, with those two acts. Here's a blurb I found about the show on the Web: 9 p.m. doors, 9 p.m. show, $45 advance, $45 day of show, 21 and over. Celebrate the arrival of the new year with a pair of R&B legends: El Debarge, the sweet, soft and soulful voice behind massive '80s hits like "Rhythm of the Night" and "Who's Johhny?" and Lakeside, the veteran funk ensemble behind the groove juggernaut "Fantastic Voyage." Were I a bit younger as well as more financially flush, I'd be right there, dancin' in the New Year, from my seat and/or in the aisle!


WendyB said...

I bet you can shake it better than any silly teenybopper.

Anonymous said...

Rainy day in Portland. I wonder if there is a song with that title? It is a good looking photo you took.

Gwen said...

Happy 2008 to you, Lynette.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Lynette, The blogworld is so greta, Snow here, rain there, Sun somewhere else, we are all united.

I wish You a Happy and Creative 2008, Look at my Happy fireworks and wishes. See my blog:)(c) JoAnn

dot said...

Abe is confused That should be Rainy Day in Georgia! lol

Annie said...

Red or yellow umbrellas always make me smile when I see them. I'm smiling now.

Yes, the neighborhood in Little Rock that I showed you today is indeed hilly.

pusa said...

LOL at at im not an ipod generation yet! =)

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!! Wishing you life's best this 2008!

i heart manila

Olivier said...

Meilleurs Voeux pour 2008
amour et tendresse, Amedée et moi te souhaitons tous nos vœux pour cette
nouvelle année 2008. Alors champagne pour tous le monde.......

Best Wishes for 2008
Love and tenderness, Amedée and I wish you all our wishes for this
New Year 2008. So champagne for all the world .......