Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shades of Blue


Living in a city affords the unique in the midst of what ought to be the mundane. For instance, Jim Fisher Volvo--a multi-story car dealership at 21st and Burnside, in the Northwest Hills. Where I come from car dealerships are multi-acre, so this place fascinates me.


Celine said...

Cool blue on the sign. Looking for the unique in the so-called mundane is fun and challenging. Nice job.

Rambling Round said...

Hi, Welcome to the City Daily Photo Blogs, and thanks for visiting mine.
Does this dealership keep cars on each floor?

Lynette said...

Celine, I agree about the blue on the sign as well as the fun and challenging. It's what keeps us going.

Rambling Around, the new cars are on the first floor, seen through typical showroom windows. The shop is on at least one upper floor, up a ramp at the back of a small lot of cars. I'll take more photos soon that show other aspects of this particular dealership so that we can all satisfy our curiosity.

• Eliane • said...

Love the atmosphere in this one!

Thank you for visiting my little blog and your wonderful comment. I am visiting Portland for the second time today! I went to a screening of Feast of love with my movie class this morning. It stars Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear and takes place in Portland, OR!!

Lynette said...

Eliane, thank you for looking at my other blog. I have an anecdote for you about when the movie was being filmed here. One day the crew was a couple of blocks from where I work, so I walked by at lunch, hoping that they were filming outdoors. If they were on a break and I saw Morgan Freeman, I planned to say, "Mississippi" loud enough to attract his attention, to see if he remembers when I took his photo at a press conference in 2005--I used to write and take photos for the Jackson Free Press, an alternative newsweekly in Jackson, Mississippi, my home town.

Alas, the filming was indoors, and I saw no one.