Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer Rain


Sprinklers on automatic soak Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I happened upon them by accident, one day after work when I got off the bus to look at something else. The water in waterfront refers to the Willamette River, which is to the east in these southward-facing photos.

Y'all who don't live in Portland must be wondering why anyone waters anything in Portland, right? It’s just not true that it rains all of the time here. It rains just enough to make things splendid.


Annie said...

I smiled at the title, Summer Rain. Here in the south that IS the summer rain for my garden, at least throughout August. And even with it, things don't stay splendid. Ah, to be in Portland, my plants whisper to me every August.

Celine said...

Awesome capture of the sprays of water. That reminds me, I need to go water my yard.

I've been enjoying seeing more of Portland via your camera. I don't get up there very often, so it reminds me why I want to go back.

Zee said...

Sssshhhh, don't tell people it doesn't rain here! It's how we keep all those crazy transplants out! ;-)

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I followed your link from Annie's blog. That first shot is a beauty - so evocative. You can almost smell the wet grass.

Here in Oz, we're in our first fortnight of spring!



dot said...

I love the sprays of water!
I've heard it's really nice in Oregon. I'll probably never make it there so that will make me enjoy your photos all the more!

• Eliane • said...

Love funny title and the first picture capture summer so well. I can actually "see" that it's a much welcome shower.

Lynette said...

Annie, Mama gave me the title after she saw the photos. She's shart as a tack!

Thanks, Celine. All of your photos are a great big treat.

Sorry, Zee, I didn't think about that! I'm just so excited to be here. And you should know that my motto, "It's better than being dull and boring," refers to my personal state of craziness.

David, how great it is to get your reactions from such a far distance. Isn't this computer/WWW/blog thing fantastic?

Dot, your enjoyment adds to mine. Thanks.

Eliane, the water makes the grass a beautiful, healthy green. Since the park is the site of many festivals, it's important to keep it well maintained.