Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fresh-Picked Portland Tomatoes


All around Portland, green things grow in gardens, along sidewalks, in front and back yards, beside driveways--flowers and/or vegetables. Minutes after being picked by Lindsay (my son Lamont's girlfriend), these tomatoes complimented hamburgers shaped by his other roomie Brody and grilled by Lamont himself, for family and friends on Labor Day.


Kate said...

My favorite time of year that produces lovely produce. Wish it would stay longer. You displayed them beautifully for the photo.

Lynette said...

You are so right about the shortness of the time, Kate. We must indulge ourselves while we can.

Curly said...

Thanks for your recent comments at South Shields Daily Photo
I really like the variety of colours in this shot of tomatoes.

Lynette said...

Thanks, Curly. The tomatoes had different flavors, too. What a treat they were. You can see more of our Labor Day treats at my other blog, http://mamamepdx.blogspot.com, if you'd like to look.