Thursday, September 20, 2007

YMCA Child Care, Downtown Portland

These bright yellow chairs caught my eye as I walked along SW 2nd Avenue, north to Washington. After work hours when parents are nigh, it appears the children at the ODS Tower day care gather elsewhere to wait for Mama or Daddy.


dot said...

I like bright colors. Maybe I'm going thru my second childhood!

Lynette said...

Could be, Dot. I must be, too, and I'm having a blast.

isabella said...

Looks like all the primary colors are represented here - yellow, blue and red!

Loved the post about Duncan's bath, since I can relate ;-)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Lynette,
I saw you name on Isabella's blog, what an interstig photo. this is a great reflection,

I don't know anyone ( or not another blog) from Portland so I am very interested,

I am from Holland and I post almost every day photo's and stories , just look and visit my blog . You are very welcome.

:) JoAnn

Lynette said...

Isabella, you're right about the primary colors. They do look great together. Thanks so much for visiting both of my current blogs--the other one is still a work-in-progress.

DS2944 said...

Nice colored reflexion photo !