Monday, September 17, 2007

One other thing I got off the bus to see ...

This is a reprise of a post on one of my other blogs. I can't resist sharing it with you, too, especially after several people commented on the size of the motor boat beside the barge on my Sept. 15 post. So, I mostly quote myself here, which feels sorta weird--but one of Portland's most popular, in some circles, bumper sticker's says: Keep Portland Weird ( I'll fit right in:

On the ride across the Hawthorne Bridge over the Willamette River yesterday after work, this yacht shocked me with its size. I vowed then and there to get a photo of it this morning, if I was lucky enough for it to still be there. It was there, but being a creature of habit I got right on the bus and rode onto the bridge. Seconds later I remembered the yacht, turned my head and spied it over my shoulder. I pulled the cord for the next stop, disembarking from the bus while still on the bridge. I made my way several hundred feet westward until I could take three photographs. (I only put one here.) Click on it to see the massive differences in size of the watercraft moored there in the marina, including the houseboat.

An extremely short news piece this evening identified the yacht as "Kisses," reported to be the 46th largest yacht in the US by Power and Motoryacht dot com. I found that in 2000, it was no. 28. Launched in 200, Kisses is 175 feet long, 32.15 feet wide at its widest point, cruises at 13 mph with a maximum speed of 15.4 mph (don't you love these decimals?), holds 10 guests and a crew of 11. My word.

Speaking of my word(s), I'd like to share with you one of my bridge poems, please.

A Bridge Limerick, Sort Of

Portlander Daphne Odora
Yearned so for the fragrance of flora
Blooming upon yonder high ridge.
She happily strolled the river bridge
With her man in his dandy fedora.


FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Imposing yacht! Very interesting view, too, lots to see. The colorful row houses caught my attention.

Rambling Round said...

Nice view, and it doesn't look weird!