Sunday, September 16, 2007

Satisfy your hamburger craving at the Helvetia Tavern

Just to set things straight from the get-go, that’s my younger son Leland’s hands sliding onion rings onto a platter. The fact that he cooks at the Helvetia Tavern, located in Hillsboro which is part of the Portland metropolitan area, in no way influences what I’ve got to say about the hamburgers, French fries, onion rings and root beer I’ve enjoyed there. It’s all just doggone good and photogenic, to boot.

We’ve been there four times in the last five months, that’s how much Mama and I enjoy it. In May we took Milton and Kay, our long-time Mississippi friends-like-family who drove all the way up here to visit the two of us. In June we took our newly-made Pacific Northwest friends-like-family Danielle, Pat and Meehan. The other two times, we just took ourselves right on out Highway 26, took at right at Helvetia Road, then a left into the parking lot. Satisfyingly yummy for the tummy!

For those of you who’d like another opinion, here’s the Citysearch Editorial Review:
Country roads and fertile fields surround the green-and-red-frame tavern with rural beauty; inside, there's a homey, cabin-like feel and a baseball-cap collection covering the ceiling. Weekdays, Hillsboro techies sup here; weekends bring in cyclists, families and couples. Known for their burgers, the joint churns out a two-patty jumbo version with cheese that shines. A special house sauce known as "goop" seals the deal. Be sure to get fries; they're hand-cut and better than average.


dot said...

Sounds like my kinda food! Couldn't eat there often tho.

Annie said...

See what I mean about being a tour guide. You are already taking friends and family to this wonderful local place.

• Eliane • said...

I love to learn about those local joints. It's a slice of life, with onion rings. I have not eaten that in ages!

salian said...

Oh, now I have a huge hamburger craving. One thing my town doesn't have is a decent burger joint.