Sunday, June 17, 2012

In honor of Father's Day, here's LeRoy, back in the day


My sons' Daddy--LeRoy--driving a Volkswagen Beetle I imagine--he was partial to them. This photo was taken before I had met him on July 31, 1972, so I can't say for sure when this photo was taken or what he's driving. I can say with confidence he's certainly good-looking.


LeRoy, still handsome, with Lamont, probably August or September, 1976.


LeRoy holding Leland, probably March or April, 1979. And he's still handsome.


Paul in Powell River said...

Shades, sideburns and a paisley print shirt just about screams 60's, doesn't it. You took me back, for sure!

Jack said...

These must bring back great memories for you and your sons.

Julie(t) said...

Handsome, yes, and you can see he loved his kids!

Randy said...

Great photos. I love his paisley t-shirt in the first shot.

Brian Johnson said...

Great photos, Lynette.