Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eye-catching kick at the intersection.


Naturally I noticed this inflatable martial arts character, but not in time to get a photo as the bus buzzed by going east to Killer Burger on Saturday a week ago. So, on the way back towards home, I remembered to swivel around and make the effort to get a few photos as we slowed down for the bus stop diagonally across the street. That's why this photo is at a slant--I decided to share it with you SOOC, straight out of camera, no alteration at all, not even any cropping.

The intersection--the blue car is turning northeast from NE 42nd onto NE Sandy Blvd.--is five blocks west of Killer Burger , a block wset of Whole Foods , and two blocks east of the Hollywood Theatre , and one block east of Paulsen’s Pharmacy .

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Randy said...

That is too fun.