Thursday, June 14, 2012

Festival of Flowers, Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland


Let me set the scene. You're looking slightly north of east across Pioneer Courthouse Square, nicknamed Portland's Living Room. The white glazed terra cotta building houses Macy's and The Nines Hotel, but it was originally the Meier & Frank department store, the first major commission of my favorite Portland architect, A. E. Doyle; the building was completed in stages between 1909 and 1932. The lovely building to the right of the trees is the Pioneer Courthouse, completed in 1875. And in front of it is a TriMet MAX Yellow and Green line light rail station--those people milling about are waiting for a ride closer to home.

At BeFunky dot com, I've altered this photo by cropping it, sharpening it, and using the special effect Orton. The result reminds me how some vintage post cards look--I really like it.

About the flowers, here's the news release from The Square PDX dot org:

The 28th Annual Festival of Flowers celebration officially opens June 1st in the heart of Downtown Portland!

This year’s design, Container of Essence created by local artist and sculptor Dana Lynn Louis, will be on display at Pioneer Courthouse Square through June 12th.

Container of Essence at the Square will bring together nearly 20,000 colorful flowers, bamboo and ornamental grasses to create a mandala in the heart of downtown encouraging peace within one’s self and the world at large. In conjunction with the two week festival there will be plenty of noon time activities encouraging downtown visitors to find their inner peace with free yoga and meditation! For two weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, grab your yoga mat as the Square transforms into an outdoor yoga studio. Beginning June 4th at 12pm, CorePower Yoga instructors will be conducting FREE Yoga classes on the Square. For more moments of Zen, Maitripa College, one the first Buddhist colleges in America will be leading classes in meditation on June 5th and 12th. KIND Healthy Snacks will also be at the Square for “KIND Tuesday” on June 5th as they hand out free snack bars and seed packets for your garden, while supplies last.


See the little girl sitting on the bricks, near the mandala, with her left arm raised in the air? Would that I could read  her mind and know the memories she's making at the sight of these lovely flower designs.

And this info about the Flower Sale, from the same Internet source:

2012 Festival of Flowers Price List

Container of Essence Design by Dana Lynn Louis
4” Flowers/Annuals & Herbs
$1/each or $10/Dozen

Flowers/ Annuals ($1 each)
Blue Salvia, Red Salvia, Red Begonias (bronze leaf), Red Begonias (green leaf), Durango Red Marigolds, Orange Marigolds, Orange Impatiens Extreme, White Alyssum, White Impatiens Extreme, White Begonias (green leaf), White Begonias (bronze leaf), Light Pink Impatiens Extreme, Light Pink Begonia (green leaf), Coral Petunias Simply Madness, Dark Pink Impatiens Extreme Rose, Dark Pink Begonias (green leaf), Lime Green Coleus Versus

Herbs ($1 each)
Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Common Sage, Hyssop, Chives

3.5” Grasses/ Perennials ($3 each)
Acorus Gramineus ‘Ogon’, Carex Dolichostachya ‘Kaga-Nishiki’, Juncus Effusus ‘Unicorn’

1 gallon Grass ($5 each) Imperata Bloodgrass

Bamboo ($60 each) 8-10ft Phyllostachys nigra from Bamboo Garden

Flower Sale begins Wednesday June 13th at 8:00AM
Boxes and Bags available while supplies last!


Randy said...

Love the Orton effect and the design of the garden.

Randy said...

I just read your post. I'm the same way I can't get involved either because of where I work.

Paul in Powell River said...

Portland has one of the best "downtowns" of any city I've visited.

Regina K said...

This is such a beautiful living room, great colors! I love the Pioneer Courthouse.

Regina K said...

This is such a beautiful living room, great colors! I love the Pioneer Courthouse.

Melissa said...

Very pretty scene. I agree with you; it reminds me of a vintage 3D postcard.