Saturday, June 9, 2012

Artsy fun with Monet's Blue irises which I saw on Memorial Day at Schreiner's Iris Gardens, Salem, Oregon


One version of the Be Funky artsy effect, underpainting.

Another version of the Be Funky artsy effect, underpainting.

The actual beautiful irises.

A different view of Monet's Blue irises, as altered by Be Funky's artsy effect underpainting.

The actual beautiful irises. About Monet's Blue from the Schreiner's online catalog. It is a tall bearded, light blue iris originated by Schreiner in 1998. The description. Boldly ruffled petals finished in soft heavenly blue elicit the same shimmering feeling conveyed in the works of Claude Monet. Each flower is saturated in this lovely blue color, as close to "true" blue as an iris comes. Its tall stems consistently produce three branches and a spur with 7-8 buds. Growth habit is vigorous.


bfarr said...

What fun. Nice shots.

Lowell said...

Isn't this fun? I love to play with photos! My favorite here is the water color.

Re your comment about Hugh Laurie and friends...I would have really enjoyed her concert as I'm more a friend of the blues than I am of bluegrass, although I have several songs published on several CDs by a Colorado bluegrass group.

One of them, "Too Good To Be Blue," made it to #1 on the European Independent Country radio charts and to #10 on the European Top Fifty Country radio charts. That was some years back, though!

Randy said...

I love that sight and your photos. The first is my favorite.

Jack said...

These blue irises really catch the eye, don't they?