Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Veterans Day Parade, 11/11/11, No. 4

37th Annual Ross Hollywood Veterans Day Parade

I’m on the TV news, at the parade! Watch the video here! My friend Diane, who is the mother of an active duty serviceman, and I had a great time, waving at everyone and thanking those veterans within earshot. We're right after Art, the reporter, says, "It's an honor everyone says is well-deserved." I put my camera down, she waves and I clap. It's a hoot!

I thoroughly enjoyed the rumble of many motorcycles at the start of the parade.
The only motorcyclist I could identify as a woman. She looks like she's having a blast! And she must ride quite a bit because you can see those patches there beneath her right elbow--the bottom one reads "10,000 Miles." At the top of the that column of patches is one that reads "HOG Mileage Est. 1995." HOG stands for Harley Owners Group. On the back of her jacket is a huge patch that reads "Sunset Chapter Tigard Oregon HOG Harley Owners Group." Way cool.

Obviously veterans are among this group of motorcyclists. Many had decals on their windshields and patches on their jackets in support of their service and other veterans.

How about the coonskin cap? I think from this angle you really get an idea of how it looks stretched over a motorcycle helmet.

Super cool flags. He swerved back and forth for several hundred feet before he reached the intersection that represented the end of the parade route.

Then a group of motorcycles appeared at the end of the parade. I don't know if they're the same people, though. I surmise that they are.
Here's the motorcyclist flashing a thumbs up to parade participants on motorcycles. Neat!

This patriotic motorcycle with a sidecar looks so cool.


A couple of nice smiles on those last two motorcyclists.


Rob and Mandy said...

Some really groovy bikes there!

parker said...

Good for you! We have a celebrity in our midst.

You covered the motorcyclists and nice looking machines very well. The red bike with the side car was sharp.

Regina K said...

Motorcyclist are such a wonderful group of individuals supporting our country and charities.

Thank you for your visits and comments.

Kalyan said...

lovely captures!

Randy said...

These are great. The motorcycle in the first shot looks a little big for that woman.

brian stout said...

how cool, i saw you on the news!! you're famous now!! =)