Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day Parade, 11/11/11, No. 1

37th Annual Ross Hollywood Veterans Day Parade

Look closely and you can see through the windshield, Dr. George Timmons, Grand Marshall of the 37th annual Ross Hollywood Veterans Day Parade. Found this on the Internet about Dr. Timmons: Army veteran Dr. George Timmons, 91, of Portland, will serve as this year’s Grand Marshal. Timmons was originally sent to the Pacific Ocean Theater of WWII as a member of a military band. However, he soon traded his trombone for a rifle and became part of the Army’s 41st Division’s fight with the Japanese on Biak Island off New Guinea’s Papua coast. Following his military service he served as assistant dean of education at Portland State University and led a swing orchestra for several years.

Hard to believe Dr. Timmons is 91 years old! Note the six-shooter door handle on the Cadillac El Dorado. Accentuated on the trunk lid, the car's nickname, El Moo, a la the steer horns mounted on the hood, no doubt.


Randy said...

I would not want to be hit by that car.

Jack said...

Another interesting post, Lynette, and a classic car for you and other car lovers.

lewi14 said...

I like the door pull very much! Never seen that. I hope the revolver isn't loaded.

zakton said...

Parades are always exciting to see.

I can't help noticing 7-Eleven in the background. The chain shop has become a hit in Jakarta. It's become a favorite place for the youth to hang out with friends and adults (like me) to spend time when having to wait for somebody (in my case my daughter to finish her ballet class). :)