Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birds of prey and a dahlia bud

Please scroll down to see today's dahlia, Vassio Meggos, from Swan Island Dahlias.

Photos from September 6,2008, at the Riverfest South Waterfront Day. The Audubon Society presents "Birds of Prey." Impressive, even in repose.

Two photos of the peregrine falcon on the Audubon Society lady's hand.


Two photos of the kestrel, on the other lady's hand.


Dahlia bud, Vassio Meggos. Facts from Swan Island Dahlias--Bloom: 9" Lavender, Bush: 4 1/2'


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I am always impressed at these kinds of birds. They are so perfect in their nature and yet so odd to us as they hunt what we think are beautiful birds with great songs to listen to. We don't understand the song or its language and we can't figure out what the hawk says. We don't know them very well I guess. But I still like them a lot.

WendyB said...

I feel like those birds are looking at you in a hungry way.

Don and Krise said...

Lynette, these are great photos. Especially the look on the bird's face in #4. Nice crisp shots.

Jim K said...

Your bird looks better than my bird from yesterday, but I bet my bird can eat your bird.