Thursday, November 27, 2014

ESHT 2014 - Out of Bristol and we're on the way to Wales! Wales, where it turned out that we had a whole lot for which to give thanks. More about that in a future post.

I opting for ESHT 2014 instead of England Scotland Heritage Tour 2014, y'all. Less typing.


Lots of photos taken through the coach windows on this tour. Across the highway, a hedgerow.


Another pretty sight seen from my window. Each person on the tour decided to take the optional North Wales Excursion. According to our itinerary: "Out of England and into Wales!" So, when we left Bristol and changed the tour route somewhat with the scheduled stop in Chester to take place after our excursion. That way we didn't have to backtrack! Sounded great to one and all.


A gate in the hedgerow. I think that's a bird flying above the left part of the hedgerow.


An even wider gate doesn't interest this herd of cows at the moment. There's a white house far in the distance beyond the right hedge, and a bird flies above that hedge, too.


No, that's not some sort of exotic cloud formation above the trees. It's a reflection to the beautiful gray topknot of one of the ladies on the tour.


Seeing these darkening skies made us wonder what weather we'd find at our first stop.


Finally, some autumn foliage! Yes!


Must share the pink house with the two brick chimneys. I'll bet their garden (what those in the UK call their yard) looks great!


Excellent example of a field that follows the contour of the land--I wonder what gets planted there and when. It was already October 9 when I took this photo--ready for spring, maybe?


Sheep and birds share the rolling field and the sunshine.


The second wind turbine that I photographed on the tour.


Wrexham means we're in Wales! Little did we know at that moment the foreshadowing of the phonetically and appropriately named town. More on that in a future post.


William Kendall said...

You rarely see a pink house!

Randy said...

Beautiful countryside.