Saturday, November 29, 2014

ESHT 2014 - Where to start? How to divide up the sights? Here's the first of them, for your enjoyment.


As we walked into the parking area that you saw in the second photo in yesterday's post, I immediately noticed this boat in just about the same place as the yellow and green boat seen in yesterday's post. Now we know where it's floating as it enters a canal intersection. Look beyond the boat, and you see where it will turn to go towards the aqueduct which is where we're going to walk.

I've looked up this particular boat online at Crest Narrowboats' Web site discovered that this is the 58 ft. Glyndwr (Prince) - Cruiser Style Narrow Boat, coming from the Chirk Marina in Wrexham. I'm guessing it's on a holiday hire adventure because that's how Crest operates. The specs say the boat has  accommodations for a maximum of four people and, from the Web site: Double Glazed front windows. Double beds 6’3" x 4', single beds 6'3" x 2' with interior sprung mattresses. Full central heating with radiators and airing cupboard. Carpeted throughout (Except kitchen and bathroom areas). Colour TV/DVD and radio/CD player. Full size shower, 140 gallon stainless steel water tank. 4-ring gas cooker, oven and grill. Electric Fridge with freezer compartment. 12v cigar lighter plug point for mobile phones, camcorders. Macerator toilets to discrete tanks. 240v hairdryer.

About the name of the boat: Owain Glyndwr was the last native Welsh person to hold the title Prince of Wales. He was a thorn in the side of the English establishment and was never captured, nor tempted by Royal Pardons and never betrayed. He was last seen in 1412 and, even today, his final years remain a mystery.

I read some reviews online and once you've rented the boat for your holiday, you arrive and get onsite instructions on how to operate the narrow boat, then you're off on your own. Wow. Their Web site says the boats are available for short breaks (I found mention of four day trips, maybe that's a short break) and weekly rentals. It seems there are other companies where you may get a horse-drawn trip and/or a two-hour ride, both with an employee on board to take care of getting you along the canal.  


I looked left and realized how far behind the rest of the group I was, but I knew I couldn't get lost because the towpath along the canal where we were and where we were going was only on one side of the canal. I took a photo of the footbridge and started walking.


From the footbridge, I took this photo of the bridge on the New Road, the one that Tommy tried to drive across in the coach. These are the narrow boats you saw in the photos on yesterday's post.


William Kendall said...

They have a certain sleekness to them that I like.

Jack said...

There was a long boat traffic jam!

Randy said...

More wonderful shots. Looks like a nice area.