Saturday, November 22, 2014

More of this side of the coin--winter in Portland.


Yep, more ice hanging this time from an informative display sign on the rooftop garden. I took these photos on Friday, November 14, before work hours began. I enjoy going up there some mornings to experience the weather and the view of downtown. That day, though, my focus was much closer.


I haven't checked on the status this kale since that icy morning, in particular, but in the corner of my mind, I don't remember seeing it when I was on the roof this week.


Some of this Swiss chard in this row was still in the ground on Wednesday afternoon, November 19. It appeared to have made it through the icy conditions robustly. I wonder how yesterday's hard rain and blustery wind impacted it, if it's still there.


It's interesting how pretty ice can be when you think about its destructive impact.

Tomorrow, another side of the winter coin in Portland.


William Kendall said...

Exquisitely beautiful!

Randy said...

Wonderful details. These are amazing.