Monday, September 29, 2014

Salmon Street Springs, the cycle called bollards at the Race for the Cure, 2013


In this photo that I took at the 2013 RFTC, I got this shot of another team being photographed beside the fountain. Surely this is the cycled called bollards. Compare the 2013 morning to the 2014 one in yesterday's photo. Each of us mentioned how happy we were to see the sunshine.

Here's a definition for you: A bollard is a short vertical post. Originally it meant a post used on a ship or a quay, principally for mooring. The word now also describes a variety of structures to control or direct road traffic, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles. The term can also be used to describe short, post-like light fixtures. 

I believe these bollards have lights in them, maybe where those circles are. I don't remember having taken a photo with lights shining from there. Maybe that should be a new goal of mine, to check it out some nice evening--may not be too many of those in 2014 since the rains are coming.

From the City of Portland Web site:
Salmon Street Springs, Location: Waterfront Park, Naito Parkway at SW Salmon, Hours: 6:00 AM-10:00 PM during spring/summer/fall

Robert Perron Landscape Architects and Planners designed the fountain which was dedicated in 1988. A computer regulates the changing patterns of the water display. At full capacity, the fountain recycles 4,924 gallons of water per minute through as many as 137 jets at once. There are 185 jets. The three cycles of the fountain are called misters, bollards, and wedding cake.


William Kendall said...

It is quite a difference from the way the fountain was arrayed in your previous shot!

Lois said...

I like the look of this picture Lynette and now I know what a bollard is!

Randy said...

Nice shot. I like the fog.