Monday, September 22, 2014

Murals around Portland, Forest for the Trees NW, seen on Sunday, August 31, my mural find #3

Forest for the Trees, August 18 through 23, is a not-for-profit public mural project in Portland, Oregon. (Seen on their Web site.)


The third mural I located while out and about in my Zipcar Kia Soul, named Greer. Artist: NoseGo of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Location: 842 SE 3rd Avenue. On his Web site:

Yis "Nosego" Goodwin ​

NoseGo is a Philadelphia-based artist with a passion for illustration and media arts. He mixes fine art with a contemporary style to deliver highly energetic work. His designs feature an assemblage of patterns, vibrant colors and characters derived from his imagination and his surrounding environment.​ 


The part of the mural that mesmerized me--those bits of brick, I suppose, which seem to be attached to the wall, sticking out form it. They're painted there! Not three dimensional at all!


The wall where the mural lives!


Another close-up of a part of the mural.


More from FFTT Web site: Forest for the Trees is a not-for-profit public mural project in Portland, Oregon. The mural project promotes public visual expression; collaboration; and community engagement with contemporary art and the creative process. In August 2013, FFTT united seventeen artists from around the world to paint ten Portland murals.

This August, twenty local and international artists will come together for a week in Portland to paint more than a dozen pieces on public walls. FFTT aims to bring opportunity for local and visiting artists, and to share their gifts on a large public scale in Portland—a city already known as a creative hub and home to many talented artists.


Lois said...

Very cool Lynette! I wish we had more murals here.

William Kendall said...

It certainly leans towards the fantastic. A dynamic mural!

Randy said...

I love the little whale.