Sunday, May 18, 2014

What do you think made me take these photos?


Cropped close-up. Gives you a great big clue, right? Across the street from her, I rushed up the sidewalk towards the intersection, hoping I'd get close enough to be able to stop, zoom, focus and get a decent photo of that golden, spiked backpack. Since I had noticed it before on a walk around my work building, I figured that I just might get a chance to take a photo of it another time. But, why take the chance that I'd have my Nikon in my hands? So I said to myself, "Step out, ol' lady!" With the traffic signal on my side, I caught up with her and her quirky backpack!


Co-existing successfully, the joys of city commuting. Car stopped at traffic signal, waiting to go north. Bicyclist going east, pedestrian and her fascinating backpack going west. But, how far west?


Ah, there she goes on the Hawthorne Bridge ramp. Downtown? Tom McCall Waterfront Park? This girl has options for enjoying the sunny afternoon.


Julie(t) said...

You wanted to check out the detail on her backpack? I know I would.

William Kendall said...

It makes you wonder where she got it!

Randy said...

If I saw that bag I would have started shooting too.

Jack said...

Well, that unusual backpack is one of the things that would have caught my eye!!!

Anonymous said...

I would contact you privately but I don't see the option. Friends pointed me to these photos you snapped of me last spring. Fair - the pack is a curiosity. I believe you were also taking pictures of me this morning at the same spot while I was stuck at a light. I might have given permission if you had asked - but you didn't. I would appreciate that no more be posted. I take tons of pictures of PDX, myself, and, though the temptation is huge with such a colorful cast of characters, I resist the urge to snap unconsenting humans. Thank you. ~ the gold backpack girl