Monday, May 5, 2014

Big landscaping changes at my former apartment building


Sometimes I get homesick for the neighborhood where Mama and I lived before she died in January, 2011. So, I drove by when I had a vacation day and a Zipcar on April 14. Was I ever shocked at the changes to the landscaping at our former home, the Presidential Court Apartments in Northwest Portland's Alphabet District!


I took these two photos from the car after pulling to a stop at the curb, ignoring the no parking sign for a moment or two. Our top floor apartment is visible in this photo--we had the entire sort of pale olive-colored section as well as the brick part with the pointed parapet, the entire front section of that top floor from corner to corner. Our bathroom window is the small one at the corner inside corner. The apartment around from us to the right--that's its bathroom window across from ours. Mama's bedroom has the three windows at the corner of the pale olive section of the wall, next to the bathroom. The living room is behind those windows in the brick section.

Here are four photos that I took in May, 2007, looking down from our bathroom window. We had moved into that apartment, perfect for the two of us and our little dachshund Duncan, in October, 2006.


Here's the look that used to be on the right side of the entrance, as you're looking at it from the curb.


This photo shows the landscaping directly beneath our bathroom window, to the left of the entrance.


A street-level view of the landscaping to the right of the entrance.


To the left of the entrance.


Julie(t) said...

Solid grand, lovely.

William Kendall said...

It looks like a pleasant place to have lived in.

Randy said...

I like it with all the plantings.