Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green at Bright's


Bright Auto Upholstery, 1611 SE 6th Avenue, often provides a vintage vehicle or two for me to photograph. On a recent lunch break I found this beauty of a pickup truck just inside the open shop door.


All sorts of circles there in the distance, all involved with the upholstery process.


I've always loved that word, Studebaker. By the way, take a good look inside the shop and see a successful small business, in operation since 1976 according to what I read on the Web. By the way, I think the green is truer in the top two photos than it is in this one.


Lois said...

That truck is fabulous and obviously well taken care of!

William Kendall said...

A beautiful truck. And such a great shade of green.

Jack said...

That is a well-loved truck. The paint job is terrific, and now its upholstery will also be good.

Randy said...

Now that's my kind of truck.