Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rooftop Garden Friday, No. 3


Through the camera lens, I witnessed the wind's whimsy. Thankfully, I captured a split second of it to share with you, the blurred blossoms and the still blossoms alongside the sunlit buds on their impossibly slender and tall stems.

This rooftop garden is on the fifth floor of the six-story building where I work, the Multnomah County building. I found online that the garden covers 11,893 square feet as planted area, with a total square footage for the green roof that includes a patio and some raised beds of 15,420.

One more thing--this photo is straight out of the camera. Serendipity, brought to you by a Nikon D5100. Yea for me that it's mine to enjoy!


Jim Klenke said...

I love the outline of the buds, from the sun.

William Kendall said...

Nice composition!

I'm reminded of the rooftop of a museum here, that has a planted field of grasses and poppies.

Julie(t) said...


Randy said...

I like the feeling of motion.

leland hanson said...

This would be a good one for the oil painting stuff too.