Saturday, May 17, 2014

I hope to see three friends walking along the street two blocks west of my building in tomorrow's Rose Festival event.


In honor of tomorrow's big Rose Festival event, the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon, I give you the neon rose atop the Portland Rose Festival headquarters building at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, downtown Portland. That's the ticket booth for the Portland Spirit, a sightseeing cruise ship on the Willamette River. I took this photo last year on June 20, at 6:19 p.m. Overcast skies, blustery wind, a sprinkle now and then. Sort of like the forecast for tomorrow's race. I have a friend from work, Sharon, and her two daughters Jenna and Amy who are walking the race. Better women than I am. Jenna's supposed to text me so that I can walk on down to the corner and holler for them as they go by!


William Kendall said...

As a sign goes, it's quite colourful. I hope the race goes well.

Randy said...

Excellent neon!