Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Are Rip City.


We Are Rip City, spelled out in a sea of red rally towels by the artfully arranged white rally towels. Even the font is correct! Go, Blazers!

Face_Paint.jpg Portland Trail Blazer fan Jeff. I had noticed him outside the arena while we waited for the doors to open. After I got my Killer Burger, fries and Coca Cola, I saw him sitting at a table on the 100 level, splendidly decorated. I was tickled when he said it was OK for me to take his picture and put it on my blog! Same thing happened later on when I walked around the 300 level like I always do before the game starts and saw the young woman's Batman-shaped Batum face paint! Batum is the last name of our No. 88, Nicolas Batum, a Frenchman who is a Trail Blazer. After I made over how great the face paint was, she twisted so that I could see her other cheek, saying, "Robin's over here!" Robin Lopez is our No. 42, a comic-book lover! All of us Portland Trail Blazer fans are proud to have this dynamic duo as part of our team!


William Kendall said...

Excellent shots, particularly the Batum and Robin fan!

Randy said...

Excellent fan shots.